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Below you will find some links to a personal website that has allot of interesting things to look at. I no longer have access to edit any of the pages, so some of the breeds, adults and puppies I no longer own. I don't breed Yorkies or newfoundland's any more so just disregard those pages.

Click link below to go to my other website and see my chihuahua's.


Click link to Below to go to my puppies on puppyfind


          I do meet people sometimes when time and distance allows. A delivery charge may be added depending on how far away you are and fuel prices.

Below you will find a link to our sales contract and health guarantee, this must be signed and sent to me if your pup is being shipped, or it must be signed at time of purchase. I also have a different sales contract giving no guarantee that must be signed if I have reduced the sale price down on the pup or dog.

Shipping  policies, click here: http://mysite.ncnetwork.net/resop6kw/id1.html

Click link to see my Health Gaurantee: http://mysite.ncnetwork.net/resop6kw/id1.html